In Love

Dancing hands prologue

Hands gently rest on breasts

Our eyes open look within

Heart pace fast as hands move gently

Both crave senses touching each other


Dancing hands first movement

Lips soft supple moist connect

Grafted tongues interlocking

As hands move gently

Along soft glow of skin


Dancing hands second movement

Strong but kind along the back

Lips swollen inner sensation

Arousing flame ignites within


Dancing hands third movement

Lowering along the legs

Bodies heat torched together

Eyes still glued to each other

No stopping us as hearts pace forward


Dancing hands fourth movement

Intertwined arms and legs

Copulate in snow white sheets

Smell the roses mixed our scents

Thrust love inside gently

Passionate craving no resistance


Dancing hands epilogue

Orchestrated sounds irradiate

Time stands still amorous embrace

Collapse with fondness hugging smiling

In love



James Killmer

© 2014  •  Art-Tronic Design, LLC  •  James Killmer