The Girl Down the Road 1979

The glass in the old door shudders

Wood slat floor creaks under foot

Dull paint chips away in a dusty room

Frosted windows hide trees winter bare


She sits alone swaying in her rocker

Staring at flames in the fireplace

Cup of steaming tea, past memories

Tears run down her face so tired


She left the one she loved years ago

Leaving him broken hearted

Thought she could find a love more tender

But the knight she was looking for never appeared

Yet she waited, oh she waited, she waited so long


She is alone with her past memories

Of men who would have loved her forever

She is sad and tired without a loving soul

She is so lonely, the girl down the road

She is so lonely, the girl down the road



 James Killmer


© 2014  •  Art-Tronic Design, LLC  •  James Killmer